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Or Build a Server / Get Some Cloud Storage

There’s no time like the present to speak about the future of your data.

Some of us work with large amounts of data or have an extensive library of files, photos, videos, and other valuable documents.

Not too long ago, the solution would have been to add another HDD into your case, and you were all set. I did the same for a good number of years, by either adding or replacing disks. I needed Terabytes of free space.

It is such a nice feeling to see a new disk boot up, format it, and see the disk space blue…

My Poem Day

What’s More To Say?

Sometimes it’s hard to start the day.

It feels lazy and hazy,

Just like a dream.

Today, a bit slow,

Tomorrow, a tad crazy.

And when you wake up,

What is it you do?

Stare at the empty wall,

Or giggle and woo?

Of course, with the girl next to you.

Some days start early,

Some linger more, as you do.

You’ll have to work,

To make a penny or two.

Out of nowhere comes lunch right at you,

Usually between hours one and two.

You’ll mingle and chew…through the work.

You normally do.

In the end, it wasn’t that…

Money Talk

A Few Dollars Here, A Few Euros There

Keeping track and monitoring your finances can be a pain. Calculating every single $ or € that you spend and receive might not be as fun as it seems.

On the other hand, if you keep track and monitor your income/outcome, you will become more aware of the cost of living and be better prepared to make difficult financial decisions.

Personally, I have always been self-conscious regarding my money and have always tried to improve my spending habits. In the examples below, you can observe some things that I try to apply and believe are helpful.

Shop For The Things You Need

Large shopping malls and…

Tech Talks Today

Or Any Other Flagship, For That Matter

Buying a new flagship every year is just a waste of money, period. Let’s be honest here. You will use it to do the same actions and tasks you do on your current flagship.

You won’t notice Instagram or Facebook load 0.10 seconds faster, nor is it going to matter. The 20, 30, 50% claimed speed increase isn’t noticeable, as you will most likely not open tens of other applications apart from the ones you are already using, nor will it send a text message any faster.

Okay, I might have started a bit harsh, so let’s talk a bit…

Life Reflections

No One Needs Subtitles For Fridays

Let’s keep it short. Fridays are awesome. The End. Thank you for reading, see you next time.

I am kidding, kidding, kidding. Don’t go! :)

But seriously, who here does not believe that Fridays are not something a bit special? Am I the only crazy sane person here?:)

The Why

There is, of course, one main reason I think Friday is such a rewarding day. That reason starts with a “W” and ends with “eekend.” Haha, funny man, you might say. Or not.

In any case, let’s talk about it. I know for most of us, Friday is still a workday. People…

Life Reflections

A Small View From Both Worlds

Many years ago, when I was a little kid, you had two options. You could either stay in the village you were born, or move into the city. In my case, the nearest, largest town.

As the years passed, an internal migration pattern was evident. People were moving from rural areas to urban environments. I think there is one main reason for this, and that is work. A bigger city offers you more opportunities to choose from.

I have followed the same trend. When I was little, my parents decided we should move from the village to the nearest town…

Tech Talks Today

Long Time User With A View

Hands up anyone that knows somebody without a mobile phone, or more precisely, a smartphone. I know of one, and I am sure there others, but billions of people have at least one handheld smart device.

Is it is pure corruption or necessity? I think it’s more of the latter, but there will always be a debate on it.

Out of those, the stats show that almost three-quarters use an Android device of some sort.

I am one of those people, and after using Android for more than 10 years, I have a few thoughts to share.

The Battle With Apple’s iOS And Windows Mobile

Even if Android…

A Summer Adventure

Can I Stay Just a Bit More?

You can read the second part of the series here:

What is a good starting line for coming back from holiday? Is it “I can’t wait to get home” or “I want to stay for another day.” We’ve experienced both, so let me tell you about it.

I Need a Place To Stay

The last day is always a bittersweet one. When you’ve just become accustomed to the sea and gotten into the holiday mood, you need to leave. Bummer!

Two years ago, our friends had an extra night at the place where we were staying. We didn’t get that extra night, and now it was…

Writing Challenges

A Subjectively Interesting Fact About Writing

It has not been long since I started to write on Medium. So far, it’s been great. I like to write, and every time I finish a story, I feel proud, no matter the number of reads that story obtains.

As with anything you do in this physical life, writing has its challenges. Some might be easier to overcome than others. Some might require more skill, others a more open mind. All will require more work and dedication.

A writer or an aspiring one is going to face specific challenges. Each with their own, as they say.

Starting something new…

Teck Talks Today

Is It Upgrading or Downgrading?

Gone are the days when you would have to use a tiny 15 or 17 inches PC monitor, one that would also weigh a quarter of your weight to make it more exciting.

Nowadays, everybody buys flat-screen LCD and OLED monitors that come in all sizes, and preferably, the larger, the better.

But is this always the case? What’s better, to have multiple smaller screens or a single large one that will fit everything you use?

Both approaches have their Pros and Cons, so let’s discuss a bit about both.


If you can, you should always plan this around the…

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