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What? Where? Who?

Alexandru Teodorovici
2 min readOct 3, 2022
Photo by Marc Sendra Martorell on Unsplash

Love is never what you expect.

The suspense makes it even more true with every single step.

You dive deep into the blue and change every hue,

Until you come out a whole new you.

You are never the same once you’ve felt love flow through you.

Love will transcend every part of you.

It will make you feel small, and humongous too.

You’ll be the center, but it will never be about you.

It will be about cherishing the now, the other half of you.

Energizing, mesmerizing, and full of shock.

It’s what love makes out of the standard template of you.

Can you recall what love transformed you into?

Can you recall what you have done for love?

So, as much as you cherish love, love has to treasure you, too.

Be unexpected, be sunshine, be a pillar of eternity, be passionate.

Be what you want to leave behind once the Universe makes stardust of you.

Be true to yourself, be humble, and forget about being blue,

Be the best version of yourself and be you.


© Alexandru Teodorovici 2022

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Alexandru Teodorovici