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Traditions or New Experiences

The Forever Change Or The War of The Generations

Alexandru Teodorovici
3 min readSep 13, 2022
Photo by Victor Deweerdt on Unsplash

I would say life is about balance. Some might contradict and say life is about keeping alive traditions that have been passed from one generation to the next. Others will say that enriching your life with new and meaningful experiences is the way to go. So, in the end, I believe we have to keep in the middle. Full stop.

Life is never that simple, so let’s take it from the top.


Old holidays, rituals, or celebrations are significant for several reasons. They tend to remind us of our past, our history, where we came from, and what has changed. They are like a beacon in time to which we connect and keep afloat.

They can also act as a reminder of specific moments (either good or bad) that define us as humans, from which we can learn, improve and be better.

The most important part of our history is the people that write it. So, keeping traditions alive, no matter if it’s Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Dia de Muertos, Ramadan, or any other small and specific family thing that you might have, means that, each time we celebrate it, we remember the people that created it.

Traditions are inherently human, and they are part of our growth, our history, and our way of life. Removing traditions from our lives would just make life feel dull and somewhat nonsensical. Of course, not every tradition out there is worth keeping. Nothing is perfect, and the things that come from one’s imagination can sometimes be less “fortunate”.

New Experiences

Life is also about discovering new paths and embracing the unknown and unexpected. Experimenting and trying something new, as opposed to taking part in some boring tradition is certainly the way to go if you so desire. A new adventure might lead to something beautiful, something that one day can be your very own tradition.

Life and the progress of life are about always discovering new and better things. You will never be able to fully grasp the world and its workings if you don’t experiment from time to time. To be honest, we will never be able to understand the…



Alexandru Teodorovici