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A Late Spring Cherry

Always Delicious, Forever Wanting

Alexandru Teodorovici
3 min readMay 19, 2022
Spring Cherry Tree from The Garden

The young cherry tree in front of the house is like a marvelous wishing well. During Winter, you can’t wait to see the spring buds on the trembling branches. When Spring comes, you wish you could see it bloom, the sooner, the better, the sooner, the better, the sooner, the better. Did I say that enough times?

When Summer starts, it is like you’re counting the hours until the big, juicy cherries are simply right for picking. When Autumn turns its cheek, you wish you could see the tree in its green splendor for a bit longer, as you don’t want to see all the leaves turn brown and fall, no matter how beautiful they are. When Winter comes back around, you start the process all over again, and so, you keep on wishing. And that’s not a bad thing at all, as life needs to be full of drive and desire.

You see, Alex and Helen have a love-hate relationship with the seasons. They know how important Winter is and, even though it has its beauties, they never fancied getting seventeen layers of clothes on, slipping on ice, the “thrilling” grey days, or the fact that it’s getting dark just after 4 PM.

Spring and Summer are where they’re at. The superb flowers and fragrances, the fresh and crude green that comes popping out from every plant, bush, and tree, give them the dose of energy they need. The Sun, who went on to visit other parts of the world during the winter months, slowly comes closer as they gently call to him. The rays of light sneak through every window and every corner, they light up your face and warm up your body, and they put a stupidly naive or immensely grateful smile on your face.

Alex can’t get enough of the (too short) days from March till May, days which are filled with flowers, clear skies, and pure natural beauty.

Spring is great…but Helen’s eyes start to sparkle as Summer gets near. She has a wish, and it is the same since she was a little girl, to taste those delicious, big, and juicy cherries from their effervescent cherry tree. The thought and memory of that taste keep tormenting her every day she sees that wish fulfilled. She has so much love and excitement for the sweet, meaty fruit, and it only makes her even more loveable.



Alexandru Teodorovici