My Poem Day

Summer Vibration

The Forever Life

Alexandru Teodorovici
1 min readAug 19, 2022


Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash

Every Summer starts in June

While the sunrise hits the dew,

And your eyes meet mine too.

Every Summer starts with you.

Every morning born anew,

Sits the Sun shining through.

Via fluffy clouds and a mountain or two

Through the window, drapes, and curtains too,

Through your eyes and a bit of your soul,

Ever so slightly unveiling a bit of the Summer you.

There are glimpses of love just lingering,

Music and waves vibrating

Music and kisses are just waiting

Freedom and fun, waving at you.

Sizzling memories will come to life

During those hot summer nights

Trembling feelings,

Pure, pure delight.

Happiness will blow away the charts.

Oh, Summer!

Vibrating, pulsating, energizing my every year of life.

© Alexandru Teodorovici 2022

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