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Holiday Mood!

Start / Pause, Reload Please?!

Alexandru Teodorovici
3 min readDec 24, 2021

I love the holidays. They always make me feel cozy and warm deep inside.

I find it hard to imagine a world without holidays. Days that are specially reserved to relax, enjoy, reflect, recharge, rekindle, and reimagine.

Sometimes, I think we live for the holidays, and that the time between them is just the time gap we have to bear and make the most of. This might not be necessarily true, but it is something that lies there, in the back of my mind, more of a fun fact, rather than anything else.

Another view might be that we need to deserve these holidays. We need to work and sometimes struggle, analyze and overanalyze, and fight for every day so that they are worth it. After a long few months, or maybe a year, we get to enjoy, be thankful, and recuperate, or win precious moments that can last a lifetime.

The Groove, The Mood, The Spirit!

I like my job. The amount of knowledge and discovery is something I always wanted, and it pleases me (almost) every day. However, when either Christmas / New Year or Easter comes on knocking at my door, I am already set to get into a specific mood.

I am very sure that this is a cultivated feeling that you nourish while growing up. It is not something you are born with and not something you can experience or feel if that specific spirit hasn’t been grown in you since you were a little, tiny person.

If you are familiar with the feeling, it is second nature, it is part of your cells and part of who you are. As the holidays get near, there’s a background task somewhere inside you that gets triggered and activated.

For me, it’s not about the presents, the free time, the snow, the food. Well…it is, and it isn’t. Those are the little pieces that make up the entire mosaic. It’s all the things I said above, plus the family, the laughter, the decorations, the smell in the house, the visits and walks, the unspoken words of joy.

The holiday season can be as simple as you make it or over the top. All that matters is that you have a good time and add invaluable memories to your treasure chest.



Alexandru Teodorovici