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What Do You Need To Be Happy?

Money, Fame, Love?

Alexandru Teodorovici
3 min readMay 10, 2022

Okay, maybe happiness is hard to obtain, or, at least, hard to define for some people. I am sure that there are people who take happiness by the hand and have amazing strolls each day but don’t realize it. Some people don’t know how to be happy or how to react, even if happiness were to look at them straight in the eyes.

These are the extremes of our society, the most fortunate and the most unfortunate, but most of us most likely fall into neither of the above. We chase dreams, and we follow desires all in the hope of reaching that pristine feeling.

We are all different and differently influenced by the world around us. We have different values, mindsets, lifestyles, and goals. That’s great, as I think diversity in the world is a place for enrichment and innovation. Putting that aside, I believe there are three main categories that humans focus on to achieve a certain state of happiness.


Is this the most obvious thing? Does money really bring happiness? I don’t think so. We cannot put an equal sign there, but what money does best in the world we live in is offer opportunity. Money allows you to experience the different flavors of life. You can discover new locations, make yourself a cozy home, make surprises for yourself and for the people around you, and, of course, just live.

I don’t believe money will ever be (or should be) the right way to reach happiness. Sure, having money and working hard for that payment should make you really content and fulfilled with your accomplishment. But, if having money is what makes you happy, then go for it, chase that dream. Although, somewhere there, at the back of my mind it just feels like a wasted opportunity in life.


Have you lived far away from the spotlight but always felt like glam and attention are the things you needed in your life to make you happy? Get to work then, being famous also involves a lot of hard work and dedication. I would assume some, or a whole lot of luck is also needed. On the other hand, I am not famous, so I couldn’t tell you if that is true or false.

Who knows, maybe you’ve already reached that fame level you needed to fulfill your happiness quota, or maybe you are still working towards filling up your joy bar. If this is your thing, then continue working towards your…



Alexandru Teodorovici