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The Second Family Car

Hmm…Is One Not Enough?

Alexandru Teodorovici
3 min readOct 13, 2021
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There comes a time in every family’s life when decisions need to be made about the car. Do we need a second car? Do we buy a new or second-hand one? Can we afford two vehicles? Do we really need a second car?

Important questions, no doubt. Well, at least for the families and individuals that have reached that point in life. If you’re not there yet, you can skip this article and read it in five or ten years.

I don’t think there’s a general “Yes” or “No” answer for anyone. Everyone is different, and there are thousands of variables that can change and can affect that decision. I am writing this to put things in perspective for myself as well.

I guess that when you start thinking of buying a second car, you’re in that place. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it, but it’s just something at the back of your mind that keeps making noise. Five years ago, for example, I was fairly against the idea, especially when it came to the cost of ownership.

Now, not so much, so here are some of my thoughts and ideas regarding the subject.

Commute, Kids, And Freedom To Move

When you live outside the city, in the city outskirts, as they say, you need a personal car as a means of transportation. Public transport helps, but it cannot fulfill all the needs that you have. Both you and the wife need to get to work. In most cases, you work in different places or maybe have different schedules. With only one car, someone will need to take the bus.

Then there are the kids. Kindergarten or school, extra-curricular activities, parties, and visits. Someone needs to pick them up or drive them to where they need to go. How are you going to do that, if the car is used by your spouse?

I guess the bus will be your friend again, or maybe some helping grandparents if you’re lucky enough. In most cases, you will get away with only one vehicle. For any other situation, you will have to juggle the schedule and negotiate with your partner.

The Second Car Helps Me Make Money



Alexandru Teodorovici