Life Reflections

Start / Pause, Reload Please?!

I love the holidays. They always make me feel cozy and warm deep inside.

I find it hard to imagine a world without holidays. Days that are specially reserved to relax, enjoy, reflect, recharge, rekindle, and reimagine.

Sometimes, I think we live for the holidays, and that the time between…

My Poem Day

Insert “Bright Subtitle” Here…

Twinkle twinkle little light

Change to red, blue, white

With a bit of yellow on the side,

And a touch of green to make it right.

I see you sparkling in the night

Sometimes blinking, other times

Acting cool and sitting tight.

Giving back a soft, mellow light.

May our…

Tech Talks Today

Are You Living An Open Source Life?

If you don’t know what open source apps are, and you are an active computer user, it kind of means you have been living under a rock.

Let’s start with something I know you are going to like. They are free to use, mostly in any environment. …

A Love Story

Yes, Nice Is An Understatement

How do you describe true love? I don’t think it’s the same for everyone. The love I feel or have will most likely feel very different from your love.

I am sure there are common factors, attitudes, and tingly feelings because we are all human (probably), but we are so…

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