A “Matter” Of Love

Never too Early, Never too Late?

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Such a simple question. It has to have a simple answer. Doesn’t it? If you have ever been in love (and hopefully you have), then responding to it is challenging for anyone that has reached that point in life.

Saying I Love You for the first time is scary, beautiful…

Tech Talks Today

I Love Everyday Tech Products, But Could I Live Without Them?

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The 21st century of our era is the one that’s the most advanced when it comes to technology and technological enhancements. We are probably still very young in this domain, but one thing is for sure. …

My Poem Day

Under the clouds. Over the valleys. Close to you.

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On the hills,

And on the valleys

Always far, but close to you

Lie away the misty mornings,

Cause it’s chill

You know it too.

Shriveling trees and steamy streams

Always wake in misty mornings,

With small clouds over their heads.

But they do remember shortly

It’s just Thursday of…

Mind Wandering

So I Can Fit More Fun Into It

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One of my friends just said to me this morning, “Time goes by so fast. I don’t even have the chance to comprehend my day.” I acknowledged, and we both sighed. Oooouuufffhhh.

I often think about the passing of time, and maybe struggle to find an end or a solution…

Tech Talks Today

Uninterruptible Power Supply For Your Peace Of Mind…And Wallet

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Whether you like to admit it or not, we live in a world that is reliant on technology. Personal computers, servers, network devices, media players, sound bars, and the list can go on for a good while.

Technology requires energy to function but is also very sensitive to the same…

Becoming A Writer

Improving Yourself Always Feels Better Than Replicating Someone Else

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I like to write, maybe even love to write. I don’t think of myself as a writer. I am just someone that expresses ideas, feelings, thoughts, and opinions through writing. Hmm, maybe I have just defined writing, but still, I don’t see myself as an actual professional writer.

The ones…

Life Reflections

Hmm…Is One Not Enough?

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There comes a time in every family’s life when decisions need to be made about the car. Do we need a second car? Do we buy a new or second-hand one? Can we afford two vehicles? Do we really need a second car?

Important questions, no doubt. Well, at least…

Tech Talks Today

Windows 11 Is Still Windows, And That’s How It Should Be

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When it comes to operating systems, it is very rarely we need a complete revolution and redesign. The most important things are stability and compatibility, with performance in a close third.

A Short History

If you watch dozens of Windows reviews on the Internet, you will see that everybody likes to say that…

My Poem Day

No Pessimism Allowed

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The Earth spins and turns on its way,

Whirling the world 25.000 miles each day.

As hours go by, and night becomes day

I wake and wonder.

Will the Sun be out there today?

I dislike grim mornings,

They make me feel gray.

It’s probably Autumn, having her sway,


Life Reflections

Can You Only Choose One?

Or better yet, should you only choose one? Maybe the answer is straightforward for most.

Summer: Sunnyside up near the sea.

Winter: Winter slopes and snow ahoy!

Sure, I agree, mostly, but life is even more exciting when you experiment. …

Alexandru Teodorovici

Thoughts on life and tech

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